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Would you like to announce the joy of your baby's gender in a special way? Discover our diverse range for this unique announcement to share the exciting news with your loved ones. Let's celebrate the anticipation and enthusiasm together and prepare an unforgettable surprise! The announcement of a baby's gender is an awaited moment that brings joy and surprise to the hearts of those taking part in this journey. Our gender announcement scratch cards are perfect for capturing the anticipation and excitement in one card. There is incredible excitement with every scratch card and this moment invites you to let as many friends as possible participate and share this moment.

A touch of anticipation

We understand that every gender announcement is unique, just like the joy it brings. With a card you can not only announce the gender of the baby, but also feel that this moment is a great gift. Explore our selection of gender announcement cards and find the perfect way to share joy and anticipation. With our girl or boy scratch cards, we offer you an easy way to share joy and reveal the baby's gender. At this exciting moment, we're here to make sure your moment of revealing your baby's gender is a blast. Share the anticipation, release the tension and announce the baby's gender. Your gesture becomes a memento of an unforgettable moment that spreads love and joy in the heart of the family.

frequently asked Questions

How to reveal gender?

Announcing a baby's gender can be done in a variety of creative ways. Some popular options are boy or girl scratch cards, releasing colored balloons from a box, designing personalized t-shirts, or recording a reveal video. You could also choose a special gesture or symbol that is unique to you and your partner has a special meaning.

When to reveal gender?

Gender announcement can be made between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy when gender can usually be determined by ultrasound. However, this is flexible and depends on individual preferences. Some couples like to wait to keep the excitement going, while others can't wait to share it with their loved ones.

How do you make a gender party?

A gender party is a fun way to reveal gender. You could organize a themed party where guests choose to be "Team Pink" or "Team Blue." The reveal element could be a balloon box or some other creative idea. The party can be styled with games, snacks and decorations themed around the chosen gender to share the anticipation.