announce pregnancy

announce pregnancy

Are you pregnant and want to announce your pregnancy in a very special way? Then you've come to the right place in our shop. Announce pregnancy and experience magical moments of happiness with the whole family. With a little luck, you might even shed a few tears of joy. Discover our products for moments that we hope you will never forget.

Announcing pregnancy for the whole family

Top-class scratch cards for the pregnancy announcement

Would you like to create a real element of surprise and announce your pregnancy creatively? Then you will find five different scratch design variants in our shop, with which your surprise will be a success. From Lotto Jackpot scratch cards that make your friends and family lucky millionaires in every way, to lucky cards that promote your parents to grandma and grandpa, or very personal scratch cards to personalize that deliver your message individually. At the end of the day, announcing a pregnancy is about the moments to remember, so don't forget to celebrate them. Furthermore, the scratch cards on the fridge or as an exhibit in the apartment offer a great opportunity to involve the whole family in your anticipation and excitement.

Also surprise with bottle labels or wooden disks

Another great idea for announcing pregnancy are our bottle labels or wooden discs in a luxury envelope. Just when you suspect your pregnancy announcement will surprise future grandparents, we always recommend our bottle/wine labels. There is a win-win-win situation here. First of all, no one thinks of a pregnancy announcement when they think of a bottle of wine. Secondly, should your announcement come as a surprise, a glass of wine for your loved ones after this shock won't hurt and thirdly, the bottle with the label in the cupboard for display is really something. Brand new in our shop you can discover our engraved wooden discs for announcing pregnancy. In keeping with our style, these come packaged in a premium envelope with a card for additional personalisation. Optionally, you can write down your first ultrasound image and the date of birth you have already received and, of course, personalize the card with your words for your loved ones. With this in mind, the recipients can display the wooden discs during the period of anticipation and thus indulge in anticipation at any time.

frequently asked Questions

When should you announce your pregnancy?

Announcing a pregnancy can be an exciting and emotional time. It's important that you take the time to think about how you want to share the message with your friends and family. As a cornerstone, doctors advise waiting until the 13th week of pregnancy. From then on you will already hold the first ultrasound image in your hands and you may have heard the heartbeat for the first time, which will give you an even better feeling.

How can I tell the scratch cards apart?

In order not to leave anything to chance, we have printed a small note for you on the back. Depending on the scratch card design, the encryption is shown differently. In order to make everything as easy as possible for you after you have placed your order, we enclose a note with every order that once again explains how to correctly allocate the scratch cards.

Is the scratch field already glued on?

Yes! You can only get the scratch card with the scratch heart already attached from us. We made it possible and have already taken care of everything for you. So you can concentrate fully on the moment of handover and experience uniquely excited faces when scratching.