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Greeting cards for the new phase of life

The 30th birthday is a milestone, because at 30 many people finally feel grown up and have both feet on the ground. The training and studies are completed, a job is practiced and family planning has already started in many cases. A milestone birthday is often celebrated with a big birthday party. In addition to the gift, a personal birthday card should not be missing. If the birthday girl appreciates a dash of humour, our Thank You for Turning 30 Before Me Folded Card will get a laugh. It offers plenty of space for a text and kind words and provides a noble look with beautiful gold accents. If you want to give a simple but elegant greeting card, we recommend our 30 Gray birthday card with envelope and wax seal. The font is handwritten and printed on design paper in rose gold color. You will also receive a premium envelope with a real wax seal. In addition to the birthday card, you will also find individual bottle labels for the 30th birthday.

Climate-neutral and high-quality cards

Paper is our passion, because for us there is nothing better than sending congratulations on tasteful cards. Whether for a birthday or other occasion, a card comes from the heart and makes every recipient happy. With the quality claim that only the very best is good enough, we keep tinkering with a birthday card until nothing works anymore in terms of design and quality. The result is unique items for unforgettable moments. In addition to quality, nature is also very important to us. Our company works in an environmentally conscious manner and all of our products are climate neutral. We avoid and reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. We offset the remaining CO2 emissions by supporting climate protection projects. So you can give our birthday cards to your loved ones with a clear conscience.

frequently asked Questions

Why is the 30th birthday so special?

Every milestone birthday is something special, because as they only take place every 10 years, these birthdays mark new stages in our lives. At thirty, many people feel grown up and have both feet firmly on the ground. Therefore, many like to celebrate this event with a big party and many guests.

What do you write on a 30th birthday card?

There are many texts and funny sayings that you can write on a greeting card. But the best thing is when you think of something yourself. Think about the birthday child's life and your relationship, and what is the best way to text the person. If you can't think of anything at all, you can use a saying or text from the internet as a guide and modify it a bit.

How long does the delivery of the birthday cards take?

We want you to get your card as soon as possible. Therefore, the delivery time for us is usually only 2 to 3 working days within Germany. If you order to other European countries, the delivery takes 5 to 7 working days. It can also take a few days longer for personalized products.