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With the fortieth one of the big round birthdays takes place. The (very) young years are over and many people finally feel that they have reached middle age. The birthday children also feel this in the congratulations, which often allude to lost youth and old age. It doesn't matter whether you like such funny sayings or rather warm words, you will find the right card in our online shop. Would you like an elegant folded card with enough space to personalise? Our 40th birthday card with envelope and wax seal is available in blue and dark red. The card is simple and high-quality at the same time. The font was handwritten and hot foil stamped onto design paper. If you like it funny and you're a little younger than the birthday boy or girl, you can grab our "Thank you for turning 40 before me" card. Beautiful gold accents and the noble envelope with wax seal make this article something very special.

Best quality and climate-neutral production

We love greeting cards and think they make life just that little bit nicer. Especially on birthdays, the congratulations should not be missing on a stylish birthday card, because the birthday child will be happy about the warm greeting years later. Quality is extremely important to us when it comes to our cards. From choosing the right paper to design and production, we tinker with every step until everything is perfect. At the same time we want to protect the environment and do not want to produce products that are harmful to our planet. All of our items are therefore produced in a climate-neutral manner. For printing, we use organic printing inks that are mineral oil-free and whose binders are based on vegetable oils. Furthermore, these products are vegan, palm oil-free and are manufactured entirely without animal testing. So you can choose one or more birthday cards for your loved ones with a clear conscience.

frequently asked Questions

What is a good 40th birthday present?

Good gifts come from the heart. In addition to age, the gender and character of the respective person is also decisive. Many forty-year-olds already have almost everything and it is difficult to find the right gift. If you can't think of anything material, the birthday child will definitely be happy about a nice voucher for a joint venture. Of course, the right birthday card should not be missing, so that the day will be remembered for a lifetime.

Is there an alternative to the birthday card?

If you are looking for alternatives to the classic greeting card, you will find it in our range. You can decorate a special bottle of sparkling wine or wine with an individual bottle label. With a voucher you can give your loved ones a very personal gift.

What are the best 40th birthday sayings?

There are countless sayings and poems for the 40th birthday. It is best if you write a short text or rhyme yourself. Alternatively, you can take a saying from the internet and rewrite it a bit. Here are three sayings we like: Old age begins, youth fades away, but today you're the beautiful birthday boy to everyone! At 40 you are not yet wise, you are not young, but you are not old either. One is, you will guess, in the best of years, dear ones. We don't get older with the years, we get newer every day. (Emily Dickinson)