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Greeting cards for half a century

Can't believe 50 years, so raise your cups today! This milestone birthday is something very special, after all, you only turn half a century old once. A beautiful birthday card will make the birthday boy or girl smile so brightly that the number you're celebrating goes unnoticed. After the candles go out and the guests say goodbye, the beautiful greeting cards remain with the recipient. A particularly beautiful example is our 50 Gray birthday card with an envelope and wax seal. The handwritten rose gold font was hot foil stamped onto design paper and is very aesthetic with its gray and rose gold color. It gets a little more colorful with the 50th birthday card with an envelope and wax seal. Depending on your preference, the greeting card is available in dark blue and dark red. The high-quality envelope and wax seal with gold dust ensure an absolute wow moment. If you want something more in addition to the card, you can also express your congratulations with an individual bottle label.

Wishing you all the best with climate-neutral cards

It doesn't matter whether you're celebrating a thirtieth, fortieth or fiftieth birthday. The environment concerns us all. After all, we want to leave behind a livable planet for the next generations. Our selection and variety of beautiful cards is large, but all items have something in common. Regardless of whether you order a birthday card, greeting card or greeting card, all products are produced in a climate-neutral manner. We have recorded all our CO2 emissions: our corporate carbon footprint and reduce and avoid exhaust gases wherever we can. To offset the remaining CO2 emissions, we support a climate protection project with our income. We avoid unnecessary transport routes by making all our cards in Germany. When printing, we only use organic inks that are vegan, palm oil and animal testing free. So you can order the birthday card of your choice without any worries, knowing that you are getting a sustainable and high-quality product.

frequently asked Questions

What kind of text do you write on the greeting card?

Congratulations, you have found a beautiful birthday card that you like. But now you lack the right words and you have no ideas what to write to your sunshine. Whether for your friends or family, it is always a pleasure to write something that comes from the heart. Think about the person and their life and what kind of congratulations they would particularly appreciate. If you really don't know where to start, you can search the internet for inspiration. Of course, you can also use funny sayings, but make sure that the recipient has the right sense of humor.

Why is the 50th birthday so special?

All round birthdays are something very special, but the fiftieth is a milestone. It marks the passing of half a century and the beginning of the second half of life. Man has already achieved a lot in his life and can look back on what has been achieved. At the same time, plans can also be made for the coming decades. The birthday child can think about unfulfilled wishes and possibly plan when they can be tackled.

How long is the delivery time?

If you are waiting for your ordered birthday card, you don't have to worry because our delivery is fast! Within Germany, the shipping of our cards usually takes 2 to 3 working days. Only personalized products need a few days longer, because we manufacture these items individually according to your wishes. If you order from other European countries, the delivery time is about 5 to 7 working days.