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Scratchcards - The perfect gift idea

A touch of magic

Designing your own scratch cards is a fun and original way to present surprises and gifts. Our scratch cards invite you to give away joy and spread excitement according to your taste. With homemade scratch cards you can not only give creative gifts, but also share a personal touch and loving messages. The moment of scratching gives the recipient real excitement and your very personal message gets an interactive touch. Our scratch cards help you to realize creative design ideas and give away your own scratch cards. Each scratch card is an invitation to discover and reveal, presenting the gift or message in an original and playful way.

Share joy and spread excitement

We understand that every occasion is unique and deserves special surprises. Our diverse scratch cards offer a range of ideas, from romantic messages to humorous challenges. Whether you want to design scratch cards for birthdays, anniversaries or surprise campaigns - we have the right scratch cards for you to put your ideas into practice. With homemade scratch cards you can not only convey surprises, but also the feeling that you took the time to create something special. Our scratch cards are perfect for writing an invitation, sharing joy and spreading excitement. Share creative joy and interactive surprises with JoliCoon's homemade scratch cards. Your gesture turns into an unforgettable experience that arouses the anticipation and curiosity of the recipients.

frequently asked Questions

How to make a scratch card yourself?

Designing your own scratch card is creative and easy. Buy a scratch card in our shop and get the corresponding scratch field. Write your message on the card and stick the scratch-off field over it. Your individual scratch card is ready.

What can you write in scratch cards?

The content of a scratch card can vary from creative messages to small surprises. Examples are: "Invitation to your favorite restaurant", "A coffee in Paris!" or “drive a Ferrari once”, let your thoughts run free, there are no limits to you. However, we would like to emphasize that for real jokers, a lucky ticket with a “rivet” has already provided one or the other funny surprise. Depending on the occasion, you could also hide riddles, congratulations, or loving messages.

How do you scratch a scratch card?

Scratching a scratch card is easy, fun and creates great excitement. Use a coin or fingernail to gently scrape off the scratch film. Move the coin back and forth until the hidden content is revealed. Be careful not to rub too hard to avoid damaging the paper underneath. You'll enjoy the excitement as the mystery unfolds!